Funeral Costs

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Many elements combine to make up the total cost of a funeral, and these will fall into 2 separate categories:

1. The Funeral Director's own charges for the professional services they provide

Typically included in this category are: collecting the deceased from place of death and care until the funeral, costs for administration and making all arrangements, supplying a coffin, providing a hearse and cars/limousines (if required) along with necessary staff to conduct the funeral.

2. Third-party fees and costs (often referred to as disbursements)

These are costs paid to third parties such as Crematorium or Cemetery fees; Doctors fees (for completing statutory certificates for cremation); fees to churches, ministers or celebrants. Additional third-party costs will also be incurred for items such as flowers, newspaper notices, stationery, catering etc.

Our charges for arranging and conducting a ‘standard’ funeral commence from £1,950 + third-party costs. We are always happy to discuss your specific requirements and provide you with a personalised estimate of costs that would apply to your individual circumstances.

As members of SAIF, and as part of the Fair Funeral Pledge we offer a 'Simple Funeral' service, which is £1,595 + third-party costs.

We will be more than happy to discuss any funerals costs with you at no obligaton. If you are making a claim from the DSS please do speak to us first and we can give you all the advice and guidance you need.

Please see our complete price schedules along with some examples of typical third-party fees:

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